How to lose body fat fast? This is a widely asked questions from people of all age. Unfortunately, this question has no definite answer. However, you can get thousands of tips and recommendations from the dieticians and the heath specialist to cut fat from your body. Most of these guidelines are related to fat loss supplements and harsh long-term diets. If you are tired of trying lots of weight loss supplements and diet plans to lose body fat fast, then read this article. It will show you the best 4 ways that are not only effective to burn body fat fast; but also easy-to-implement and practice in daily life.

Best Four Ways to Lose Body Fat:

1st: Control the Level of Your Calorie Intake

You need to control the amount of calorie intake in your daily meal plan. To burn body fat, don’t make massive calorie cuts; because, it will push down the body into a starvation mode, which will not only decelerate the metabolism; but also prevent the fat burning process. To maximize the body fat loss, it is recommended to reduce calorie intake at a smaller rate in every week.

If you own about 6% body fat, then you can intake 1000 or higher level calorie for two days continuously followed by a lower calorie-intake in the next three days. After the session of lower calorie intake, the body will naturally try to store fat. Later, the session of increased calorie intake will hasten the metabolic process to burn body fat. During the first two days, – reserved for high calorie intake – it is recommended to eat protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrate in a balanced way. However, this strategy will work for the persons who aim to lose body fat weighing about five to ten pounds only.


How to Lose Body Fat Fast | Top 4 Strategies

2nd: Eat Good Fats & Cut Bad Fats

Bad fats result in more fat gaining. Bad fats can be divided into two groups. First, ‘Satuarated’ type fats are found in the meats and dairy products. And the ‘Trans’ type fats are available in snacks and fast foods. However, fat is not always harmful for body. Healthy fat consumption enhances the metabolism, aids in losing fat, building muscle, functioning the heart and recovering strength after crazy workouts. Healthy fats can be divided into two groups. The polyunsaturated type healthy fats include omega-3s fatty acid, which is available in fish and nuts. And the monounsaturated type fats are available in egg yolks, peanut butter, fish oil, olive oil, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to burn body fat that fall in the ‘bad’ category and enhance the intake of ‘healthy’ type fats.

3rd: Consume Healthy Carbohydrate

To loss body fat in a faster way, the dieticians often recommend for consuming healthy carbohydrates for certain times a day. Complex carbohydrates can maximize the metabolism process without enhancing insulin production, which rises fat storage. Using metabolic process, the body burns the carbohydrates to gain fuel and uses the protein for repairing. Complex carbs are found in oats, brown rice, potatoes, beans, etc. Fiber is another type of healthy carbohydrate that will not only make you feel full and reduce your food craving, but also cuts down body fat. It is found in the high-wheat foods as well as fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to consume about 40 grams of fiber per day to burn body fat. However, you should avoid sugar carb; as it enhances the insulin level in the blood and higher the storage of body fat.

4th: Do Aerobic Exercise and Weight Training

Doing aerobic exercise is another effective way to burn body fat. However, you have to start aerobic exercises at low-intensity, in order to ensure that your body has not been placed under excessive stress at an early stage. Walking is the best kind of low intensity aerobic activity that can burn body fat. You can gradually move towards high-intensity aerobic program. During weight training, basic exercises should target each body-part including the larger muscles. High repetitions of lifting moderate weights can play a great role to burn body fat. However, weight training as well as aerobics at lower-intensity depletes the Glycozen storage; as a result fat is used by the metabolic process to produce body fuel.

Cautions to Lose Body Fat Fast

The above mentioned strategies show a guideline on how to loss body fat fast. However, it is recommended to consult with a health specialist or doctor of dietitian before adopting any diet or exercise for long-term. It will cut down the risk of any unwanted situation, like, weakness, pain, etc. Especially, if you have medical history of any health issue, then discuss with your doctor about the diet and exercise plans to find out the best tolerable level for your body.



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