Take Birthday Resolutions Reshape Your Life

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Happy Birthday !!!!! The three magical words we all love to listen no matter how old we are! Birthday means something special in our life. Unlike a regular day, this day makes us feel special, which is multiplied thousand times if our dears ones could remember this day.

And Birthday becomes more awesome when you make resolutions to make your life better. Did you ever think about spending some moments in solitude on your birthday with none but yourself? Do you ever think of starting a new life without leaving your surroundings? You can do it on your birthday.

1. Be Grateful for Every Little Blessing in Life & Practise Kindness.

Many of us don’t ever try to realize how lucky we are! Most of the time we are complaining about things we don’t have. We often compare our gains and success with other people.

Do we ever count our blessings? Do we ever make the time to see all the tiny things we enjoy in our regular life, like sitting relax on the couch and enjoying a good movie or eating mother’s cooked dish? We ignore these little blessings of GOD/ NATURE and continuously focus on what other’s have but we don’t. Stop doing this.

On your birthday, make the resolution to change your perception towards life. Count your blessings. Try to see the small acts of kindness delivered by the people who truly care about you. Be grateful that you have those people in your life.

And pass away the kindness to the other living being around you. If you can do a small act of kindness, it will enrich your mind. Bring peace into your soul. You would feel happy. Believe me. Try it and see what happens!

Be grateful for what you already have. Try to achieve what you don’t have with a satisfying hearts as well as a peaceful mind. If you are grateful to Nature/ GOD, you will be blessed with many more small and big things in the future.

2. Stop Living in Past, Learn to Let Go, Flush Away Grudge & Purify Mind.

Even Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, has some painful memories of losing several dearest persons in his early life. Many of us bear the hidden pain for diverse causes like difficult childhood, failed career, sexual harassment, etc. These damages are mostly invisible still bleeds our heart for years after years.

We have failed to heal those wounds or never wanted to do so. But what’s the point of carrying age-old wounds and keeping them fresh always? Are they connected with your present life? Do they offer any positive impact on your future life? Do they really matter to you any more? Ask Yourself.

Don’t inflict your mind and body remembering those memories again and again. Stop the replay of unpleasant memories continuously. Those memories will do you no good but keeping your mind agitated all the time and thus refraining you from enjoying a peaceful life.

Take a firm resolution on your birthday. Stop living in the past. From this moment stop allowing your mind and brain to replay old memories that inflict pain on your soul. Make your mind strong enough to turn off those vibes who pull your way back to incidents that ended about 1 year or 5 years, 10 years even 20 years ago.

3. Improve Bit By Bit & Try to Make Your Self the Best Version of You.

It is easy to find problems in other people’s character. But we often tend to remain blind on our own character. If we are good at finding a defect in others, then why don’t we find fault in ours? Did we ever think about how people see us or how do we appear in other people’s eye?

Let’s make a birthday resolution to make our present-self better bit by bit. We would try to improve ourselves on every small aspect of life. We can make better the way we dress up or the way how we talk. We can also work on the way we used to react to other people’s comment. We can improve our food habit or change our sedentary lifestyle.

We can focus on our own behavior also. We can improve the way we treat people. We can be more helpful and show kindness to others. We can be less judgemental or nosy about other people’s matter.

4. Be Alive, Vivacious & Start Enjoying Every Bit / Moment of Your Life.

When somebody is living in the past, s/he would feel the taste of incidents took place in years ago. The brain would replay old memories and the mind would be trapped into those unescapable old memories. Now, what’s the way out? How to free our mind into the sunshine of present life.

How can we start enjoying our life? Start with simple steps. When you eat your burger. Enjoy every bite. When you are walking beside any lake or river or fountain, enjoy the smell of water on the air. When you walk outside the home, enjoy our hair playing with the air.

We can see the world from a new perspective that we never did before. For instance, if you area a homesick person, you can plan a short trip for several hours outside the home with your friends. However, if you are an introvert, then take only a few dearest friends and spend time in a bookstore or coffee shop.

5. Don’t be Judgemental, or Vindictive; Rather Be Harmless & Believe in Karma.

Do you remember that popular idiom “the wearing best knows where the shoe pinches.” We often judge people without thinking much. Sometimes we can make a nearly right judgment. What if when you make a wrong judge and make a false comment on somebody. Can you forgive your own self? Can you respect your own self?

Sometimes it happens, we think of taking revenge on the persons who hurt us in past. But think, when you hurt that evil-body, you hurt yourself too. You kill the innocent and kind person living inside ou and give birth to a vindictive person. What would be the penalty? Should GOD/NATURE forgive you for this act? You can’t escape KARMA.


Take Birthday Resolutions. Kick Start a New Life.

6. Don’t Reject or Accept Things Too Early; Rather Think, Analyze & Decide.

Nowadays the internet is teaching us how to say ‘No’. Certainly, it is necessary to reject things when the upcoming result is not good for you. But don’t hassle. Take time, think before you utter ‘no’ or ‘yes’ as well.

Remember, saying ‘no’ close the door of an opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity comes in the disguise of hardship and negativity. On the other hand, saying ‘yes’ also deserves justification.

When you say ‘yes’ to something, you allow or let some issues, incidents or people enter your life. You allow who to come in and what to happen. So take decision wisely and don’t blame the GOD/NATURE afterward if things don’t go as you expected.

7. Try to Make Out the Best from Your Situation, & Whatever You Have.

We all have miseries. We all face difficulties on our path of success. Still, we are blessed with the unique gifts that God/ nature gave to us, like family, friends, culture, etc.

If you are born in a middle-class family you are certainly luckier than those people who can hardly manage their daily food. Simultaneously, you are luckier than the rich kids who are often deprived of parent’s love and affection.

Make a birthday resolution to make out the best from your situation, surroundings and whatever you have. Every small attempt towards your passion will take you near your destination.

8. Be a Dreamer, Enjoy the Ride & Reward Ur-self.

We all have some unfulfilled desire. Not all our dreams can finally turn into reality. If you fail hard, don’t hesitate to see bigger dreams. Dreams can be changed, modified or replaced with time.

We always need somebody with who we can share our little happiness, small achievements, etc. It is not always necessary to tell the world about your little success. You can share the small success with your dearest friends. You can plan a day out with your dearest friends.

If you are an introvert, celebrate it with yourself! You can buy the aspired dress/ shoe/ jewelry that you wanna own for a long time.go to your favorite secret places, like a book-store, coffee-shop, or anywhere else, where you find some mental peace and satisfaction.

Don’t wait for the final day of the achievement. Enjoy the process. Enjoy every moment of your journey. Keep satisfied that you are doing well. If you are happy, then success will knock your door. Happiness is the key to success.

9. Be Thy Best Friend, Take Proper Care Thy Self, Eat Healthy & Do Exercise.

You are the only one who will stay with you until death. Be your best friend and wildest supporter. Don’t judge yourself like those aunties. Don’t be rude for failure or past miseries.

Take proper care of your health. You may not get a very long life, but you can dream of living a healthy life. A healthy life is a key to success. However, don’t try to change yourself in one day. Go slow.

Make tricky routines to keep your health sound. For instance, make a small routine for “drinking water”. Or make a routine for “physical exercise” midst of working. But don’t create pressure on your mind or body.

On your birthday, swear to be your best friend. Take care of yourself. Be your greatest supporter and best caretaker. At the end of the day none but your own self will stay beside you.

10. Decide to Be Happy Always & Create Inner Peace.

Happiness is always a choice. It’s none but you who decides your level of happiness. If you are happy you can achieve anything you desire. An unhappy mind can’t survive any challenge. Happiness surges inner power accumulating our energy, confidence, and talents.

If you are happy you have inner peace. Inner peace allows your brain and mind to concentrate on your work both intellectual and physical. And concentration is the source of creative thinking. You can never do great things unless you invest deep concentration.

Being happy might not be easy always. Life hurts. Relationship hurts. Still, you must find a reason to be happy. Find the things that make you happy. Sometimes small things can make us happy like shopping, chatting with a dear friend, eating a favorite dish, enjoying a good movie, etc.

If you can stay happy, you can be the controller of your mind. Mind power can fetch success. On your birthday make a resolution for trying to make your soul happy.

11. Develop Strong Persona, Be Confident, Know Your Value & Never Settle For Less.

Confidence works like magic. You can get whatever you desire if your level of confidence provides you enough strength to gain it. However, confidence comes from self-respect and being true to thy-self.

He who knows his value would struggle for dignity, pride, and freedom. He would fight to the last breath for the things he desires whatever the world tells about him. But how many of us could really estimate our own value?

Sometimes a person may suffer from overconfidence, which creates arrogance and destroys the possibilities of success in his/her life. And sometimes a person can devalue his/her own self which is the symbol of lack of confidence. Both habits are harmful to develop a strong persona.

Your birthday might be the best day to promise yourself to build up as an honest, strong, and confident persona, who knows own value and would never settle for less than s/he truly deserves.

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