Coconut Oil Diet For Weight Loss

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Whenever we think about messaging hair, the first ingredient that comes to our mind is none other than the Coconut oil. This hair growth oil has been used for hair care for centuries around the world. However, the essence of coconut hair oil is not limited to hair care; rather it can also be used for losing weight in a natural way.

The effectiveness of coconut oil diet for weight loss:

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) has multifarious beneficial applications to our health besides its worldwide use for hair care. Coconut Oil Diet for weight loss is another popular and effective use of this natural bounty. Coconut oil diet intends to utilize the coconut oil-fats for enhancing the metabolism of the body, improving digestive complexities, detoxifying the liver, accelerating thyroid function, leveling blood sugar etc. All of these actions contribute to overall weight loss from the body.

Benefits of coconut oil diet:

The Coconut oil’s  chemical composition shows that it is a great natural source of a range of fatty acids. It contains about 90% of saturated type fatty acids.

  • The Saturated fats build the tissues of our body in a natural way.
  • The high concentration of saturated fats makes the coconut oil extremely resistant to the oxidation process when heat is applied at a high-level. For this reason, Coconut Oil can be a perfect choice for the high-heat cooking, like frying.
  • The coconut oil is chemically formed of Medium Chain Triglycerides. Therefore, these substances can travel to our liver from our digestive tract and turn into substances called ketone bodies that supply energy to the body in a rapid way. The doctors often suggest the Epileptic patients include the Coconut Oil into their diet plans.
  • The coconut oil bears a high concentration of the 12-carbon Lauric Acid that chemically breaks down into a substance called Monolaurin inside our body. These Lauric acids along with the Monolaurin can effectively prevent the microbial elements, like bacterias, viruses, fungi, etc. from our body that often cause diverse infections.
  • Natural Coconut oil can improve the lipid profiles of our blood that contributes in keeping the heart healthy.
  • The coconut oil stimulates hair growth through the magic of it’s fatty acid contents.

Phases of the coconut oil diet plan:

Coconut oil diet plan comprises of 4 phases:

1st Phase: Losing Some Weight

  • This phase aims for losing minimum 10 pounds
  • It restricts intake of sweets, several types of fruits and grains
  • It allows 3 meals, 1-2 snacks per day, emphasizing on leafy vegetables along with lean protein

2nd Phase: Catharsis

  • This phase aims to purge the intestines by applying diverse distillation drinks.

3rd Phase: Taking salubrious Carbohydrate

  • This phase reintroduces food groups, including, whole grains, few starchy vegetables and varieties of fruits to the dieters.

4th Phase: Continual weight-losing practices

  • This phase prepares the dieters to continue the weight losing food-habit and lifestyle after reaching to targeted lesser weight.
  • It also expands the diet by adding more healthy foods but excludes foods items, like, alcohol, caffeine, certain fruits, sweets, dairy foods etc.

Suggested foods of the coconut oil diet plan:

  • 2-3 tbsp amount of pure coconut oil consumption in every diet-phase
  • Apply coconut oil to the preparations of smoothies, sauces, salad dressings etc.

Sample coconut oil diet for weight loss:

Breakfast Items

Vegetables sauté using coconut oil, bacon along with Eggs

Brunch Snack Items

6 pieces of Macadamia nuts

Lunch Items

Spinach salad, avocado along with pine nuts

Afternoon Snack Items

Goat cheese along with Celery

Dinner items

Brown rice along with grilled fish
Salad garnished by ranch dressing of coconut

Evening Snack Items

12 unprocessed almonds

Exercise Suggestions of the Coconut Oil Diet plan

Regular aerobic exercises along with resistance training for at least 15 minutes per day.

Prospects of coconut oil for healthy weight loss:

  • Applicable for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), persistent viral infections or thyroid dysfunction.
  • Recommends carbohydrates with the smaller glycemic index score
  • Nourishes the body with salubrious protein
  • Suggests fresh fruit and leafy vegetable intake
  • Successfully responds to all dieters

Few limitations of coconut oil to lose weight:

  • Time-consuming recipes
  • Rigid along with strict rules
  • The diet includes pricey and rare foods
  • No eating out recommendation provided
  • 2nd phase of the diet permits very low-calorie food which might create weakness and hamper normal activities



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