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How to Detach Yourself from the Haunting Past Memories and Reshape Life

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We often dump our suppressed feelings inside our mind. I did the same thing for many years, since my childhood. Now my mind always tries to replay those unpleasant memories, to find better endings.

If we can focus on our memories. And ask our mind, what kind of memories are haunting our mind and thinking. We would probably discover that our minds are haunted by unpleasant memories. Though it is not easy to get rid of past memories in a moment, it is not impossible either.
Bit by bit you can detach yourself from the evil shadow of unpleasant past memories. Let’s share my own experience with you. I started with small steps.

First, I made a peace agreement with my past. It’s a common practice of unhappy people to replay the painful past events inside the brain. This self-destructing habit leads the person to go through the same infliction again and again. I made a strong mind to get my mind rid of this harmful practice. So, I chose to make peace with my past.

Now, what was the peace agreement? I would take lessons from the past and apply it for my present and future. But I won’t live in the past. Past days are long gone. I can’t change them no matter whatever I do. So, let the bygone be bygone.

Second, I moved all the unnecessary furniture including old books, papers, things, etc. from my room. Each of those elements whether big or tiny used to connect me with the past. But they can’t do it anymore.

Life Goes On

Third, I changed my social media profile. I left my 10-year old facebook profile and created a new one. In the new profile, I added a few persons with whom I am acquainted with personally in real life. I blocked pessimistic persons from my family, friends or networks.

Four, I have decided to care for my health more than ever before. I don’t stay awake in the night unnecessarily. I drink more water. I do some physical exercise at home. Nowadays, I enjoy a little walk outside the home, chat with a friend and visit some close buddies home.

Five, I had a long cherished desire for studying abroad, which I failed to fulfill for several limitations. Nowadays, I have chosen a vocation which is both my passion and livelihood. I love working without getting exhausted. I care little about money and more about mental satisfaction. This process is helping me to detach myself from my unfulfilled career ambitions.

Six, I decided to practice happiness. We often bear the misconception that we need money, name, fame, etc. to be happy. But now I started believing that happiness is a decision. I focused on small happiness first. If you can track down those little things that can make you happy, you can enjoy a blissful day.

Seven, This is the final and most significant step I took to get myself rid of the haunting past memories. I divided the people – who are involved with my unpleasant past memories – into three categories: Cut, Avoid, and Ignore

  • Cut: Those who made your past years bitter, don’t deserve a place in my present or future life anymore. I consciously decided to cut every possible connection with this kind of people. I am determined to disconnect your precious life with those evil souls. It is the only way to let the memories fade away day by day.
  • Avoid: I couldn’t cut away all the people from my life who gave me hard times in the past years, as some of them are my relatives, friends or office colleagues. Now, what’s the solution? Should I continue the incarceration of painful memories inside my mind caused by those people? Not anymore. I simply avoid those persons silently. I stopped talking and visiting those persons. Distance helped me fading some unpleasant memories.
  • Ignore: Still, there are some persons I could hardly avoid. How could I cut or avoid people who belong to my family and blood relatives? Now, what is the way out? I started ignoring them. I stopped paying heed to their words. I tried my level best not to meet those people on family occasions.

Practicing these six steps for a month can bring a significant change in your thinking and lifestyle. Once you might discover, you left those unpleasant past memories far behind you.

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