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Weight Loss Diet

Metabolic weight loss management | Systems, Diets & Tips


What is Metabolism? Metabolism refers to the conversion process of food and drinks inside the blood cells to create energy. In details, metabolism refers to a complex biochemical process by which our body, especially digestion system converts what we eat and drink into energy. Basically, its speed depends on the number of calories we need to maintain our body in good condition. ... Read More »

12-Day Grapefruit Diet Plan For Weight Loss

What is Grapefruit Diet Plan? The goal of adopting a Grapefruit diet plan is to lose weight from the body by eating grapes in a planned way. The grapefruit includes vitamin C, rich fiber, and carbohydrate. This diet is alike to Mayo Clinic Diet. However, grape diet is not salubrious for all, as it is a kind of very low-calorie diet ... Read More »

Guide to Foods that Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is what every living organism uses to process the food intake and convert it into fuel and energy for the body to use as needed. A good metabolism will process food fast and in time for when the body needs to use it, thus, providing you with energy, as well as keeping your figure slim and fit. However, with ... Read More »

Best Fat Loss Supplements | Natural & Organic

Best Fat Loss Supplements Natural Organic

Are you afraid of taking chemicals in your body during the race of losing weight? However, most of the fat loss supplements that are available in the markets, include chemicals in diverse quantities. The chemical-based supplements are not only expensive but also harmful for health in the long run. There are some weight loss supplements that can burn body fat ... Read More »

How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week?

How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week? It is one of the most common questions asked by men and women who are looking for some crazy ideas to lose weight within a short period. Last month I was planning to attain a special family program and I could hardly fit myself to my most favorite dress. Then, I decided ... Read More »

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally?

How to lose belly fat naturally? It is a common question asked by millions of people around the world, who are tired of trying chemical pills and industrial products for losing abdominal fat. However, it certainly not an easy task to lose body fat, especially belly fat. Every day, thousands of blogs, magazines, journals are presenting lots of ways to ... Read More »

How to Lose Love Handles Fast?

How to lose love handles fast? I asked the same question to my dietician, several months ago. Though the term ‘love handles’ sounds interesting, it can make you look unattractive. ‘Love handles’ trigger to the accumulated fat around the stomach-waist-back circumference area. Biologically, Love handles mean a special kind of muscle called latissimus dorsi, which is found in the upper ... Read More »

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week?

Are you going to take the challenge of losing weight? How much weight you wanna lose? 10? or 20? or 30? or 40? Or more? Let’s make smaller target in the beginning stage of weight loss challenge. It is good to start with a plan to shed about 10 pounds of body fat within one week. Though it is certainly ... Read More »

Coconut Oil Diet For Weight Loss

Whenever we think about messaging hair, the first ingredient that comes to our mind is none other than the Coconut oil. This hair growth oil has been used for hair care for centuries around the world. However, the essence of coconut hair oil is not limited to hair care; rather it can also be used for losing weight in a ... Read More »

21 Day Challenge Diet Plan for Weight Loss

21 Day Challenge Diet for Weight Loss

A 21-day diet plan designed by experienced dietitians might create monotony by repeating same foods days after days. However, if the 21-Day Diet plan is divided into 7 special units of 3-day Diet Plan each with diverse food options and physical activities, then it would be more enjoyable and effective for the individuals. Moreover, a 21 Day Diet plan with 7 phases ... Read More »