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Guide to Foods that Boost Metabolism

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Metabolism is what every living organism uses to process the food intake and convert it into fuel and energy for the body to use as needed. A good metabolism will process food fast and in time for when the body needs to use it, thus, providing you with energy, as well as keeping your figure slim and fit.

However, with age, your metabolism slows down and that often leads to indigestion and lack of energy, which in turn will have its say on your waistline as well. Here are some foods that boost metabolism in order for you to keep your energy flowing so that you can continue to be active, slim and healthy.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Eat healthy and exercise has been a golden rule for centuries, but what foods really are healthy and must be part of your everyday meal, and what foods you should try and avoid as much as possible, here are some basic rules to follow:


Always have breakfast because the night is the longest period of time that your body goes without food and your energy level is low, caffeine found in the coffee will only raise the energy levels temporarily but soon you will find yourself feeling weak and not be able to focus well on any job. For breakfast, you can eat fiber enriched cereals along with fresh fruits to boost your metabolism. Adding to these metabolism boosters, a cup of coffee or tea can make you more energetic without causing any harm.

For breakfast, you can eat fiber enriched cereals along with fresh fruits to boost your metabolism. Adding to these metabolism boosters, a cup of coffee or tea can make you more energetic without causing any harm.


For the lunch, you need to prefer foods that boost metabolism. You can eat fish, such as tuna or salmon with a serving of salad or vegetables. You must remember that ideal diet will never put your body in starvation; as starvation slows down the metabolism process of the body, which in turn puts a reverse effect on the body-energy level. Therefore, it is recommended by the dietitians to consume a small meal including foods that speed up metabolism at an interval of every 4-5 hours.


You can feel a little bit hungry between breakfast-lunch gap or in the gap between lunch and dinner or in the mid-night. In these situations, you can take some light meals, like snacks. You should keep away from fast food and prefer healthy snacks, such as fruit, almonds, a few pumpkin seeds or a half cup of trail mix, etc. These foods can meet-up your small hunger and keep your metabolism occupied without allowing you in high-level calorie or fat in-take.


Dinner should always be light; because your activities will soon come to an end for the day and the calories will not be consumed but deposited and transformed into fat.

Why Prefer Foods that Boost Metabolism?

Eating metabolism booster foods can ensure that you have the essential energy to carry out the everyday tasks. Moreover, the metabolism boosting diet can help you to keep healthy and slim. Boosting the metabolism has been always part of a weight loss program; because this is the most effective way to give your body the energy it requires to exercise and do any other activity.

Always watch what you eat and, more importantly, the quantity that you eat, try not to go for second servings, and also try not to eat everything on your plate. Eating your food slowly and enjoying every morsel has been every effective in helping one eat only the required amount of food for the body and, thus, controlling your weight gain.

An adult active man needs approximately 2500 calories a day and a woman 2200 calories; overeating will create digestive problems, slow down your metabolism and result in weight gain and other serious diseases.

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