High Protein Diet Plan

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What is protein?

Before discussing on high protein diet plan, let us focus on some common ideas. The term ‘protein’ has been derived from a Greek term ‘proteins’ that means ‘primary’. This indicates to the significance of protein to the human body.

The medical science has shown that Protein is one of the three most essential macro-nutrients – the rest two are good carbohydrates and good fats – that are crucial for the strong immune, healthy cellular and proper hormonal function. The protein also contributes to building as well as maintaining the cells, tissues, and muscles of the human body. Correlating with energy, it has been found that each of 1 g protein can generate about 4 calories.

How much protein should I eat?

According to the Food Standards Agency, an adult man who is aged within the range of 19-55 years, is recommended to take about 55 gram of protein per day. Nevertheless, many in-depth research attempts regarding protein-intake and exercise have criticized this amount and claimed it too inadequate to maintain the regular health of any active adult man.

Therefore, most of the dietitians recommend that an adult and an active individual should intake protein depending on his/her weight, physical composition, health status, fitness goals, etc.; instead of blindly following a ‘single size fits all’ type recommendation.

Basics of high protein diet plan

  • High protein diet plan is mainly followed by the bodybuilders with the intention to strengthen and enhance muscle mass/tissue along with redundant fat cell burning. Nevertheless, numerous other diets also advise high protein intake for weight-losing and muscle building purposes.
  • Generally, high protein diets define essential protein amount for individuals by the formula: ‘’Body-weight per unit (pound) = protein intake 1 unit (gram)’’
  • In some  high protein diet plan charts the dietitians advise the dieters to consume protein depending upon their calorie intake level.
  • Dieters can consume the added protein in the way of foods as well as supplements including protein bars or protein shakes. However, such supplemented protein bars intake amounts are also suggested by the dietitians.

Benefits of high protein foods

  • In order to build up the muscle mass, huge amounts of high-level protein consumption are mandatory.
  • Digestion process of a high protein generally needs an additional amount of energy. In other words, this process is termed ‘thermic effect of feeding’.
  • A good number of dietitians claim that protein contains an elevated level of satiating power.

Sample high protein diet plan menu

An inventory of several well-accepted food-source of lean proteins accompanied with lower level fat has been stated below.

  • Whey protein powder
  • Chicken
  • Egg whites
  • Turkey
  • Cottage cheese
  • Fish, such as, Tuna, Salmon, etc.
  • Dairy food items with low fat
  • Variety of seafood
  • Beef meat (lean cutting)

Probable threats of high protein meal plan

  • According to the claim of several nutritionists, high protein diet can cause to kidney failure or create renal stress. Though it is not supported by strong medical evidence, people with kidney complexities are recommended to avoid high protein diet.
  • Many other nutritionists have warned about the risk of dehydration caused due to consumption of high protein foods in an excess amount.
  • When somebody consumes high protein diet, s/he needs to drink plenty of water to metabolize the protein. If someone drinks inadequate water, then the high protein meal plan may serve as a boomerang for him/her.

Some ideal high protein diet plans

Recently, a good number of high protein diet plan charts are available that are not only successful weight-losing but also allows rich protein intake. For instance:

  • FatLoss4Idiots
  • Atkins
  • Muscle Gaining Diet
  • Protein Power

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the high protein diet plans mainly focus on the less-fat foods that especially contains the lean type proteins, in general.

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