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What Qualities to Look for While Choosing Friends?

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A true friend is no less than a blessing from heaven. But selfish people often enter our lives in the guise of a friend. Now how to recognize a true friend? Or how to screen out your real buddies from dozens of fake well-wishers?

It may seem confusing how to define the qualities that define a modest person with a strong character. The true meaning of the term ‘modest’ may vary from region to region of culture to culture. In plain sense, a modest person bears a good character who is honest, cultures, confident, open-minded, responsible, kind, etc. in both in Words and Actions. Actually, many little things can be listed to tag someone with ‘strong’ character.

Stay with us to know some ways. After being cheated by lots of fake friends, I have finally defined some precious quality to look for while sifting through friends. We can call it the golden rules on ‘True Friend Hunt” challenge.

  • Cultured & Modest

Before you make friends, the first query about those persons should be “attitudes”. Is the person cultured both in Words and Actions? When you see a person practicing disrespectful behavior with other people, be sure you will face the same treatment from that person today or tomorrow.

None of us should allow anybody to disrespect us. So, it is better to avoid an uncultured person, before s/he gets close to you and becomes your dearest buddy. On the other hand, find someone with good behaviors that would improve your behavior too.

  • Kind, Responsible & Honest

While making friends, I always prefer persons who reveal kindness for both for Humankind as well as animal kind. People with rude mentalities and cruel hearts can do any crime to reach out their goals. Beware of unkind people and stay away from them.

What if your buddy is not responsible for his/her words and actions? It can certainly pull you down inside great uncomfortable situations, even in a harmful one. Try to make friends you carry responsibility in both personal and professional life.

All of us may know those golden saying ” honesty is the best policy”. But not everyone is honest in real life. An honest person is always a blessing for his family, friends, colleagues, institution, and nation. Why don’t you pick the buddies who practice honesty in both Words and Actions?


How to Choose Friends?

  • Self-respect, Self-control, Self-confidence & Self-dependence

A person without self-respect is either a foolish or a devil. The cunning persons lacking self-respect can drop to any level to fulfill his/her desire.

On the other hand, some people are too naive to maintain their self-respect. They let other people take advantage of themselves and let their own selves put down.

Both kinds should be avoided. Make friends with people who dare to maintain their own self-respect in a balanced way, such as being neither too humble nor too rude.

Selfdepedance is a great quality which makes a human being strong, hard-working, honest, truthful and courageous. I always honor those people who believe in themselves and wanna achieve something by dint of their own talent and hard-working.

On the other hand, people who are always looking for a scope to rely on others Or make their things done by others are not only lack of self-confidence, but also kind of hypocrite.

The people lacking self-confidence always shiver in their decisions and can never show strength to stand beside another friend in the time of need. Lack of self-confidence makes people weak both morally, and emotionally.

  • Open Minded & Optimistic

This quality is valuable for me. I can’t stand people who criticize the opposite views and culture. An open-minded person is easier and safer to talk about any issue on earth as well as the universe. I always pick people as friends who bear an open mind on Religion, Social & Cultural Perspective.

You must have heard the popular saying “a negative min can never give you a positive life”. Always try to spend time with people who are optimistic in both in Words and Actions.

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