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How to Get Rid of a Bad Habit?

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Nature never allows perfection. Each human on earth bears some negative attitudes or bad habits. It often happens to us we disgust ourselves for a small or big bad habit, but we fail to change that habit even after trying. In this article, we are gonna discuss this common issue, how to get rid of a bad habit.

  • Target One Specific Bad Habit for Elimination from Your Character

At first, start thinking about your bad habits. You may find more than one attitudes that you wanna get rid of. But you have to deal with those habits one by one at a time. So, pick the most harmful habit that deserves immediate removal from your character.

  • Dig the Background – How Did You Develop that Specific Habit?

Certainly, you didn’t bring that habit from mother’s womb. You developed that attitudes in some phase of your life. Now look back and find when did you form that actions. This background would prevent the relapse of that habit when you would finally get control over it.

  • Find the Reward and Environment – What Encourages You towards that Action?

Now come to the present. Define your habit loop. You can also address it as the encouraging environment for your habit. For instance, you own a habit of smoking regularly after launch. Here the loop is during the launch break you go to a nearby shop after completion of your lunch and buy a cigarette.

  • Change the Loop, and Environment of the Habit

When you have defined the loop of your habit, you can make a plan to break the steps of that loop. It would defer you from reaching that action at the end of the loop. You can replace the steps of that loop with other actions. For instance, on the aforementioned loop of smoking after lunch, you can avoid going to that shop where you used to buy that cigarette.

  • Make Short-term Plans and Ignore Small Relapses

You start from today. Just determine to avoid the habit for a single day. If you are successful, try it another day. Then, repeat the process several times a week. After that, increase this frequency slowly through the month.


How to Get Rid of Bad Habit

Research shows it takes 21 days to forget any habit, or a favorite thing, or even an ex-boy/girlfriend. Try to practice it in your life. However, forgive yourself from small relapses. Don’t be disappointed at the early stages, if you repeat the habit unintentionally. Remember the fact that human does mistakes.

  • Replace the Habit with a Better One

Another tricky way to divert your mind from a bad habit is to replace the action with an alternative one that can give you similar or more pleasure. For instance, to get yourself rid of the habit of smoking you can carry an anti-smoke gear that can give you the feel of nicotine. However, while trying to leave a bad habit, don’t indulge yourself in a more harmful alternative.

  • Reward YourSelf

Yap, you have heard me right! Give yourself incentives to try hard for leaving a bad habit. You can give a treat to yourself in a good restaurant, or you can buy yourself the long cherished sports gear, fancy dress or any other thing that you wanna own for a long time. Just do it! Be the best motivator for yourself.

When you can successfully eliminate one bad habit from your personality. You would get more confidence. Then, pick another bad habit and repeat the procedures again. Thus, you can improve yourself bit by bit. And, every day you can become a better version of youself than you were yesterday.

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