How to Lose Belly Fat for Men Naturally?

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If you are a man with a waist measurement higher than 102 centimeters, then you certainly hold excess belly fat, which can impose a substantial risk upon your health. There are hundreds & thousands of ideas and products for losing weight. But how to lose belly fat for men? Is there any special trick for men to shed the abdominal fat effectively in a natural way? This article focuses on some special diet tips in combination with several effective work-out strategies to shed the abdominal belly fat of men naturally.

How to Lose Belly Fat for Men without Exercise:

Drink Enough Water:

Drinking plenty of pure water is the fastest way to lose belly fat for men. Water is a calorie-free drink that releases toxins from the body-cells. You need to drink enough water each day depending on your BMI.

Lower Salt Intake:

Lower salt intake Salt Adding to this, you have to avoid salt intake, as the sodium chloride tends to retain water from the body-cells and leads your body to gain extra weight. It is a proven strategy to burn belly fat men.

Avoid alcoholic drinks & sweetened energy drinks:

Abstinence from alcohol is another best way to lose fat for men. If you really want to shed abdominal fat, then cut out all types alcoholic drinks and energy drinks from your everyday diet. If you take more than two cans of alcoholic beverages in every night, you will certainly run the risk of gaining more belly fat. You will get about 200 calories less, by cutting out one alcoholic beverage.

Instead of an alcoholic drink, you can drink green tea with mint flavor, ginger tea, lemon squash, coffee with cinnamon, oatmeal, etc., which helps in natural detoxification inside your body. Vitamin ‘C’ is a great organic element that helps to lose belly fat for men.

Don’t skip meals & eat a balanced diet:

How to lose belly fat for men without skipping a meal? There is a common misconception among men that starvation can burn belly fat. However, in reality skipping meals will push down your body towards a catabolic situation. It will break down the muscle tissue to produce energy, which will accelerate fat gaining in the stomach area. To lose belly fat, you need to plan a balanced diet.

  • Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, low-fat containing dairy products, like yogurt, etc. Cut out saturated fat, like red meat & high-fat containing dairy products, like, cheese, butter, etc. from your regular meals. And try to eat monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats, like sea fish, nuts, vegetable oils, etc. in moderate amounts. Those foods contribute in losing belly fat for men.
  • Eat high-fiber foods, like beans. These foods are called “good carbs.” Eating these foods, you will feel full and wish to eat less. Eat more protein. In one gram-unit of protein, about 25-30% calories are burnt through the digestion method; whereas, only 6-8% calories are burnt in carbs.
  • Eat salad & vinaigrette dressing. Acidic foods, like vinegar, lemon juice, ginger, etc. accelerates carb combustion up to 20% to 40%. Acids lower the insulin levels in the blood and enhance the body metabolism process. Try to avoid potato, as it increases the insulin levels in the blood; but you can eat sweet potatoes.
  • You can fluctuate the level of your calorie intake by eating fewer calories on the first two days of a week and then take high calories on the following two days. It will soar your metabolism.
  • Try to eat the main meal of your day after doing heavy physical workouts; as it will enhance your metabolic process up to 73%.

How to Lose Belly Fat for Men with Some Exercises:

Be active & do some physical exercises daily:

To shed body fat, you need to be more active in your daily life. If you follow the exercises regularly, then it will contribute in burning fat significantly. An experienced physical trainer can suggest you effective physical exercises to lose belly fat for men. Here are some directions that you can follow on a regular basis.

  • Walk for minimum 2.5 hours or jog for minimum 1.25 hours per week. Mix up exercises for the upper-body and lower-body to create optimum pressure on the belly fat.
  • Do some physical workouts in your leisure periods, like gardening, mowing, cleaning, etc. instead of sitting idly in front of TV.
  • Try to use stairs instead of elevators and skip steps while climbing stairs vertically. And take larger steps while walking.
  • Try to break your own record in a sprint, swimming or any other sports/workouts. It will ensure that you are burning more calories day by day.
  • Try interval-training during a sprint or cycling. The force gained, while you stop your momentum and then start the sprint again to gain a twice speed. This trick accelerates the metabolic process in the body and cuts out belly fat.

Cautionary Facts:

How to lose belly fat for men? This question has no definite answer. The above-mentioned strategies are widely popular and best ways to lose belly fat for men. Depending on your individual weight-loss target, BMI, and health situation, you can make a customized diet and workout plan to lose belly fat fast. However, don’t forget to discuss with a dietician or physical trainer before you start a harsh diet regimen or rigorous workout plan. Otherwise, it may aggravate your health status rather than improving.



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