How to Lose Love Handles Fast?

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How to lose love handles fast? I asked the same question to my dietician, several months ago. Though the term ‘love handles’ sounds interesting, it can make you look unattractive. ‘Love handles’ trigger to the accumulated fat around the stomach-waist-back circumference area. Biologically, Love handles mean a special kind of muscle called latissimus dorsi, which is found in the upper layer of tissue on the back.

Certainly, this area is one of the most complex places of the body, for burning fats. People hardly become successful in losing love handles; even if trying numerous crunches & abdominal exercises. Some misconceptions about losing love handles have aggravated the situation. This article focuses on some diets & exercises to lose love handles fast.

Lose the love handles fast by diet:

  • Try to avoid high carbs & white foods

Make a diet plan without white colored foods, including potatoes, sugar, salt, white flour, rice, milk, etc. The foods like white flour, rice, bread, etc. contain high carbohydrates with less nutritional values along with almost no calorie. Salted foods can cause thwart the blood-cells from carrying out nutrients to the veins by its water retentive attribute.

Potatoes offer soaring glycemic index, which is often accompanied by butter, sour cream, etc. that tends to store more fat in the body. Milk also contains fat that hinders the digestion process and aids in fat-accumulation. The corn syrup contains high fructose, which is widely used in the processed foods. It also contributes in weight-gain. Therefore, white foods and high carbs should be cut out from the regular diet to lose love-handles.

  • Eat colorful vegetables & fruits

The fruits and vegetables, like red cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, beets, eggplant, kale, plums, carrots, grapes, collard greens, etc. that are rich in color can aid you to lose the body-fats. These foods contain high nutrients, but less amount of fats and calories. Replacement of white foods with the dark-colored foods can lose the love handles by lowing caloric intake and fat accumulation around the waistline.

  • Drink plenty of water

To lose love handles it is highly recommended by the health specialists to replace the high-calorie beverages from your diet with potable water. Water contains no calorie and fat; rather it aids in losing fat-cells.

Moreover, Lemon is a natural antiseptic as well as a cleansing element that not only accelerates the digestion process but also releases the toxic-waste materials from the body. Therefore, drinking fresh lemon juice with water can effectively aid you to lose the love handles.

Lose the love handles fast by exercises:

Exercise is another best way to lose the love handles. There are several types of exercises. Here are some examples of effective exercises:

  • Exercise with knees & elbows

Lying flat on the back and placing the hands under the ears, you have to elevate both legs perpendicularly. Next, stretch out the right-side knee and take the left-side knee towards the chest-area and twist the right-side elbow to touch the knee. Repeat this process for the other leg. This exercise is known as ‘Cycling crunch’.

  • Exercise with hip & back

Bend your knees while sitting with flat feet. Then, lean towards the back slightly keeping your backside strong, while contracting the abdomen-muscles. Next, stretch both arms on the front-side and twist the upper-body from one-side to the other. After that, tap the ground with the left-hip and right-hip alternately. This exercise is known as ‘Russian Twist’.

Besides these, you can do other regular weight losing activities like running, swimming, jumping, etc. to lose love handles.

Cautionary facts

You need to continue the diet and exercise plan on a regular basis if you want to lose love handles permanently. Otherwise, you may regain those, within a short period. However, if you have any previous history of pain or other health issues, then ask your doctor whether your diet and exercise plan is safe for your health.



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