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The iHeath Advice website now accepts guest posts.

Join our health conscious community of 100000+ passionate readers! Write for The iHeath Advice website and join this knowledge sharing circle and disseminate your precious health message as well as informative articles regarding diverse healthcare sectors, including hair care, skin care, diet, weight loss, special diets, nutrition, baby care, etc. with our honorable readers.

Let’s discuss our process of accepting healthcare guest posts. Once you submit your writing/article, it would undergo a review process.

The article/writing is subjected to acceptance by our Editorial Team. If the article is up to the mark considering our level of quality, we would publish the article on our iHeath Advice website, which receives more than 100,000 visitors per month.

Moreover, we would share the post-link instantly on the well-known social networking and media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, etc. 

Writing for The iHeath Advice would offer your business/blog a great exposure to the thousands of health-conscious people who want to learn more tricks about baby care, nutrition, skin care, hair care, diets, weight loss, etc.

However, your article/writing would require some copyright editing to assure that it reaches a much wider audience. Moreover, the writing would be further reviewed for any grammatical errors before getting published on our iHeath Advice.

Essentials Guidelines for Potential Writers:

  • 100% Original Content: Your writing/article must be totally (100%) original that means it has never been published /submitted before on any offline or online media/site/network.
  • Total Word Count: Your article must have at least 1500 words. And, 2000+ words are preferable.
  • Use Easy Language: Try to avoid using technical words too frequently, as the major portion of our honorable readers won’t come with professional knowledge about your topic. 
  • Attracting Starting: Start the writing in a catchy style. Don’t make it boring or too lengthy. And, within the introductory paragraph, try to make it clear about the benefit of reading the post.
  • Cite sources: If your writing/article mentions any kind of research finding or statistical data or research information, it is recommended to add the relevant authentic source link. It would rationalize your logic and help our enthusiastic readers to gain additional knowledge on that issue. 
  • Acknowledgments: When you intend to contribute to iHeath Advice you acknowledge that our Editorial Team reserves the sole right for modifying, publishing, or not publishing any writing/article submitted.
  • Writer Bio: You can send a writer-bio with your article. But don’t make it too lengthy.

Write an informative article/post that would benefit our community and at the same time help your brand or website or blog.

Email us at admin@ihealthadvice.com

Sharing is caring!