Signs and Symptoms of High Cholesterol: These Tips May Save Your Life

Signs and Symptoms of High Cholesterol

Have you become concerned that you or a loved one may have high cholesterol? Look for these signs and symptoms to share with your doctor.

Did you know that 29 million people in the US experience have high cholesterol?

Despite the bad press surrounding it, cholesterol is among the most important products of our bodies. It’s responsible for regulating our sex hormones, and it’s also a building block for our tissues. It also helps in producing bile in our liver.

Its most important job is transporting fat all over the body. However, as important as it is, too much of it can be a detriment to our bodies.

How can we tell if our bodies have too much cholesterol in them? These signs and symptoms will tell us if this is the case for us or our loved ones. Read on to learn how to identify them and what you can do about it.

Development of Coronary Heart Diseases

Large amounts of cholesterol can cause a blockage of blood vessels. Cholesterol, being insoluble, builds up along the walls of the artery. It can cause the pathway of blood to narrow.

A blocked artery can result in not enough oxygen getting to the body. It makes you experience atherosclerosis and chest pains. A completely cut-off blood supply caused by this blockage can result in a heart attack.

You can see this manifest through physical symptoms. Shortness of breath, chest pains, and lightheadedness are common signs of coronary artery disease. A great way to prevent this from happening is by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

High Sugar Levels

When thinking about cholesterol, we associate it with fats. Did you know that they’re connected with sugar as well? Saturated and high trans fats have a sugar compound that increases LDL.

Eating sugary foods can increase your cholesterol levels. Sugary foods have HDL that takes the place of bad cholesterol in the liver. It contributes to the chances of obesity and diabetes.

For heart safety, consider changing your diet. Remember to eat healthy foods and reduce your sugar intake. Doing this makes it less likely for you to manifest symptoms of high cholesterol.

Increased Blood Pressure

There is a connection between high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When the arteries become narrowed, it forces the heart to pump blood harder. This can cause blood pressure to increase.

You can stay safe and healthy by following your doctor’s recommendations. Adults are often given medications to control their blood pressure.

Remember that working out will always be the best way to prevent high blood pressure. It’s recommended that you should have at least a 10-30 minute brisk walk 3-5 times a day. Exercise does a lot when it comes to keeping a healthy heart.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of High Cholesterol Today

It’s never too late to know the effects of having high cholesterol. You can use this guide to avoid having any complications from cholesterol. Live your life to the fullest and avoid having high cholesterol today!

These signs and symptoms will help you beat high cholesterol levels as you encounter them. Did you know that you can prevent yourself from feeling these in the first place, though? Our guides will tell you how, so check them out today!

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