Banish the January Blues: Start Stocking up on Vitamins Now

Banish the January Blues: Start Stocking up on Vitamins Now

Are you suffering from the winter blues?

As January comes, many people start feeling a little more sad than usual. Once the holidays are over, some people may feel as if the most exciting parts of the winter are done. Yet, winter is far from over, and if the days with less light make you feel less joyous than usual, you aren’t alone.

Every year, many people report undergoing the January blues. If you do, you might be wondering about ways to combat them. Fortunately, eating healthily and incorporating more vitamins into your life helps!

Below, we’ve compiled a guide on how to fight off winter depression via your diet and supplement consumption. Keep on reading to learn more!

Cause of the January Blues

What causes the January blues?

Some may chalk it up to a conclusion of the holidays. While the end of holiday breaks and celebrations often does usher in a time of melancholy, the January blues are often a biological reaction as well.

In winter, the days are shorter than normal. In summer, your body absorbs many nutrients from the sun, such as vitamin D. When you’re not in the sun, you don’t get as many nutrients as you need to stay healthy and happy.

As a result, you need to increase your intake of these nutrients during this time. Let’s go into the different items you can consume to boost your happiness and well-being in January.

Vitamin D

Because you get much of your vitamin D from the sun, you need to be able to supplement your vitamin D intake in the winter.

You have many options for this. First, you can buy over the counter vitamin D pills at almost any pharmacy in the United States. Taking one vitamin D pill a day boosts your overall levels of this essential nutrient and keeps you happier and healthier.

If you don’t want to take pills, consider having a glass of orange juice with your breakfast (or any other meal). Orange juice contains high amounts of vitamin D.

Don’t like orange juice? Try some oranges instead.

Vitamin B-12

Like vitamin D, low levels of vitamin B-12 often result in depression. As such, if you want to combat the January blues, you should stock up on foods and supplements rich in vitamin B-12.

Some vitamin B-12 foods include wild salmon, cottage cheese, crab, oysters, and beef. Incorporating these into your meals will help keep your body and strong and depression-free throughout the winter.

In addition, you should take vitamin B-12 supplements. These pills are available either over the counter at your local pharmacy.

Want more on the benefits of taking vitamins? Try Supplementor, a company that sells vitamin supplements for those looking to increase their intake of healthy foods.

Ready to Have a Happier Winter?

Now that you know what will make you happier during the winter, you’re ready to defeat the January blues by taking advantage of the benefits of vitamins.

Many people struggle with winter-related depression. You don’t have to, though, if you have a healthy vitamin intake. Taking vitamins D and B-12 keeps your body strong and happy throughout the winter.

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